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Dr. K.D. Sharma
N.R.E.C. College Khurja,
Distt. Bulandshahr
U.P. 203131
Phone No. 05738-247834 (FAX)
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Incharge Website Committee. Dr. M. A. Lari Azad
N.R.E.C.College Khurja.
Dist. Bulandshahr
U.P. 203131


Message From Management Secretary

The old concepts in modern world are changing for new knowledge, skill and approaches. The forth coming era of transforming environment will dictate a dynamic and high class capabibility of intellectual resources who will demonstrate e...

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Message From Principal

The higher education is an instrument for social change and the college the place where dynamism is created among learners. The method of teaching must be broad based, meaningful and attractive to update higher education to bring about a qualit...

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